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Transfer Your Professional Skills to a Teaching Career

Point Park University is the only Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)-recognized institution in Pennsylvania that offers an American Board for the Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) program.

ABCTE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to putting qualified professionals in the classroom through a state-approved alternative teacher certification program.

All candidates in Point Park's ABCTE Program must possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university prior to initiating the ABCTE program.

American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence

The PDE has implemented a procedure for candidates holding the ABCTE certificate issued by the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence to obtain an Instructional I certificate in the following content areas:

  • Secondary Education/Biology
  • Secondary Education/Chemistry
  • Secondary Education/English
  • Secondary Education/General Science
  • Secondary Education/Mathematics
  • Secondary Education/Physics

Get Started

For more information, visit the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence/Pennsylvania and follow the steps below.

ABCTE Process 

The flowchart below lists the steps and actions that must be taken in order to complete the ABCTE mentoring process through Point Park University.

Any questions should be directed to Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore, M.A., ABCTE Interim Program Coordinator, at 412-392-3870 or

Pictured is a table explaining the 16 steps to complete the ABCTE program with Point Park University.
Steps Person Responsible Action

1. Visit and register.


Pass the the following two American Board exams.

  • Pass the Professional Teaching Knowledge (PTK) exam.
  • Pass one of the following subject-area exams:
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • English
    • Mathematics
    • Physics
    • Science

2. After you register with the American Board, complete this Verification of Registration for American Board Certification form.


Submit completed form to Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore.

3. Apply online to Point Park University after you pass the American Board exams.


  • Please select the Graduate and Doctorate Application.
  • Before beginning your application, you will need to set up an account by providing a valid email address and creating a password.
  • When asked for type of program, select Graduate.
  • When asked to indicate type of student, select Nondegree.
  • When asked to indicate what you plan to study, select Professional Development Graduate.

4. When you apply, complete this Statement of Financial Responsibility form.


Submit completed form to Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore.

5. When you apply, submit your American Board scores and certificate.


Submit completed scores and certificate to Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore.

6. After being admitted, register for two online graduate classes at Point Park University.


Lynn Ribar, Office of Graduate Admission


The highly recommended online graduate courses for ABCTE students are:

  • SPED 533: Special Education and Inclusive Practices or
  • SPED 534: Differentiated Instructional Practices in the Inclusive Classroom and
  • EDUC 530: Instructional Methods

7. Candidate needs to contact Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore regarding his or her 12-week teaching placement in their certification area. 

After talking with Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore, complete the Placement Verification form.



Candidate will acquire his or her own placement. (The placement must consist of at least 12 weeks of full-time, full-day teaching in the candidate's certification area. Part-time placements are not acceptable. Cyber school placements are not acceptable.)

Submit Placement Verification form to Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore.


8. Submit school calendar and your teaching schedule.


Submit school calendar and your teaching schedule to Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore.

9. Apply for new clearances and submit to Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore before starting your ABCTE teaching experience.



Complete Act 33 Child Abuse History ClearanceAct 34 Criminal History Clearance and FBI Fingerprinting Clearance and submit to Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore.

10. Complete mandated and permissive reporting information and training.

Candidate Submit certificate to Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore.

11. Apply to Pennsylvania Department of Education for your temporary teaching permit using the ABCTE Application Addendum and complete the TIMS application.



Include an official sealed transcript, scores from ABCTE exams and ABCTE certificate with required fees. 

12. Submit temporary teaching certificate. 


Submit temporary teaching certificate to Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore

13. Final approval of ABCTE teaching experience is granted after receiving all required artifacts listed above.

School of Education

Email of approval will be sent to applicant.

14. Once approved, register for the course EDUC 695: Mentoring for ABCTE.


Contact Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore to register for the EDUC 695 course.

15. Mentoring Process Begins


Mrs. Denise Beverina-Moore


  • University supervisor is assigned.
  • Candidate will be observed four times during the 12-week mentoring experience and provided written feedback.
  • Complete four required seminar assignments during the teaching experience and then submit them in Schoology by the end of the placement.
  • Compile your professional portfolio throughout the duration of your placement and then submit it through Schoology at the end of your placement.

16. After finishing all of the steps above, candidates need to submit all required documents to TIMS for his or her PA Instructional I certificate.  




Mentoring Travel Fees and Expenses

  • An initial University Fee of $2,250 must be paid before the mentoring process begins.
  • The candidate will be responsible for all costs incurred by the supervisor during the mentoring process (travel, hotel, food, etc.) for a minimum of four visits.
  • Supervision travel fees and expenses will be calculated on an individual basis. The fees will be based on mileage to the candidate's placement site, an average hotel rate per night and a daily allowance for food. This amount will be multiplied by four visits. The candidate will be billed the amount determined prior to the first mentoring visit.
  • Additionally, supervision travel fees will be no less than $1,000 and no more than $3,000.

If the courses above are unavailable at the time, ABCTE students will be offered other related graduate education courses.

Graduate Course Fees and Payment

Please see our Tuition and Costs page for the most recent information regarding online graduate education tuition per credit.

Students enrolled in the ABCTE Program are not eligible for funds administered through the University since the program does not meet the criteria for eligibility for federal, state or private sources of funding. This includes the following: University funds, PHEAA state grant funds, Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP), Direct Student Loans (DL) and any private student loan program.

The University offers a Tuition Payment Plan that ABCTE Program students may consider. Students who do not make satisfactory arrangements to pay tuition and other charges will be assessed non-refundable late fees until such time that all charges are paid in full. In addition, all academic transcripts and records will not be released until all charges are paid in full.

For information on payment plans, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at

ABCTE Graduate Profile

Point Park University's ABCTE program helped physical therapy professional Rachael Morrow, D.P.T., transition to a teaching career as a secondary education biology and chemistry teacher at North Allegheny Intermediate High School.
Pictured is ABCTE graduate Rachael Morrow.